Bumbershoot is simple to attach, no tools necessary.

Securing the Clamp to the Stroller

    • Open the clamp - by turning the flower knob - until the opening is large enough to fit on your stroller handle.
    • Clasp the clamp onto the stroller handle.*  Generally, the 4- holed shaft should face out, closest to you.  For specific instructions on attaching to your particular stroller, please click here.
    • Tighten the flower knob so the clamp closes as tightly as possible on the stroller handle. 

Securing the Umbrella to the Clamp

    • Insert the umbrella stem into the opening of the shaft.
    • Click the silver button located on the stem of the umbrella into the hole in the shaft that best suits your height.
    • Open the umbrella and press the black circular button on the shaft side to adjust the direction/angle of the umbrella. When secure, the button will click into place.
    • Now you are ready to … embrace the rain.**

Stowing the Umbrella & Clamp on the Stroller

    • Close the umbrella and secure it with its attached strap.
    • Click the umbrella into the lowest position -- the 4th hole.
    • Push the black circular button on the shaft side so that the shaft can rotate down with the umbrella still intact.
    • Your umbrella can be stored here, either on a diagonal or straight down, until needed in the future.

*Note that the clamp may leave markings/indentations on your stroller handle.  Please be careful when removing the clamp from the stroller handle so that you do not inadvertently damage the handle.  For best results, store the clamp on the stroller handle at all times.

**The tips of the ribs of the umbrella are designed to release from their caps, when under stress, so that the ribs will not break.  Simply reinsert the tips back into their corresponding caps.