my blue bumbershoot


Bumbershoot: umbrella
Main Entry: bum·ber·shoot
Pronunciation: \bem-ber-shüt\
Function: noun
Etymology: bumber- (alteration of umbr-in umbrella) + -shoot (alteration of-chute in parachute)

Merriam-Webster circa 1896

For far too long we've been prisoner to Mother Nature. We may have mastered multi-tasking, but the balance between umbrella holding and strolling proved far too difficult.  So, we bring you a way to push your child's stroller in the rain without sacrificing your coiffeur, clothes or comfort. We bring you Bumbershoot, the first ever hands-free stroller umbrella that protects you - the stroller chauffeur.

We are two city moms and we use our strollers like suburban moms use their cars. We chauffeured our kids to school, the library, museums and the grocery store in the rain while getting completely drenched. We arrived everywhere with straggly hair, squeaky shoes and streaky mascara. All of our attempts to shield ourselves from the rain failed and - short of growing a third arm - nothing could keep us dry.

But now, there's Bumbershoot.  Bumbershoot is the brainchild of much trial and error - and, finally success. Bumbershoot was designed with Stroller Chauffeurs in mind. It's clear so that you don't crash into oncoming pedestrians. It's shaped like a bubble to protect you from the rain. It has a universal clamp so it attaches to virtually all types of strollers.

So stop choosing between your child's comfort and your own when it comes to pushing your stroller in the rain. With Bumbershoot you can be like us and...embrace the rain™!

Melissa & Caryn